My first Miche Bag!

Last month I entered a giveaway on the Kristie Zapf – Independent Miche Representative Facebook page and I won! I was so happy and excited to win because I have heard of Miche bags but haven’t taken the plunge yet to buy one. I won a Classic Base Bag and 2 Shells. Miche bags are different from other purses because you can customize them.

You start with a base bag like the one pictured below. This is the Classic Base Bag I received. It has a zipper pocket on the inside as well as 2 elastic pockets. The top zips closed.

Miche Classic Base Bag - thesteadyhandblog

Then you add your shell. The shells I received just magnet on to the base. In the picture below the base bag is sitting on the shell. Lift the 2 sides of the shell up and they snap into place.

Miche Black Classic Base Bag - thesteadyhandblog

Then your bag is complete. You can buy different shells and straps to change-up your bag when you want.

Miche Green Classic Bag - thesteadyhandblog

I have to say I am quite impressed with this bag. I think I may even get the larger bag, the Demi. It has more of a slouch style to it and it is bigger. Their biggest bag, the Prima, might be a little too large for me but it would probably be great for long trips or even a diaper bag. Miche sells jewelry and other accessories too.

Anyway I love the bag and just had to share it with you. Do you own a Miche bag?

I'd love to hear what you think!

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