My husband – the traveling man

When my husband travels for work, he normally takes a late flight which has him leaving the house after dinner or after our daughter has gone to bed.

This week he is off to New York and the only flight he was able to get on had him leaving around 5 PM. He left the house about 20 minutes ago.

Every time her travels for work I go through stages:

1. The first 5 minutes…Hooray!!! I finally have some alone time. I can get some much needed things done around the house. I can clean his office!
2. The next 5 minutes…Hmmm, I don’t think I spent enough time with him before he left. I should have left vacuuming the carpet until after he left. I hope he knows I will miss him.
3. The rest of the time he is gone….How could I even be happy that he was gone those first 5 minutes? What am I going to do without him? I am so lonely….

But somehow…miraculously, I manage the whole 4-5 days he is gone.

I often think of the women whose husbands travel for long periods of time and I have no idea how they even do it. But as a woman and  a mother…I know, that sometimes we do things because we have to. Like how I tell my husband that my daughter is fine and doesn’t even notice him gone when she spends 20 minutes searching the house for him.

That is his job and traveling sometimes is what he must do.

So how many of you out there have husbands that travel for work? Do you travel for work? How do you cope or does it not bother you at all?

Some days, my daughter and I are so busy and wrapped up in things that we don’t even remember he is gone until we get home. Doesn’t happen often but once we get home that really sucks.

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  • cheyl

    My husband also travels however it is very long runs and it is very hard to have him gone. I totally understand about when you come home after a busy day and realize your husband and children’s father isn’t there. For me even more difficult is months of not being able to reach over during the night and feel him. Jobs being what they are sacrifices had to be made. I just don’t like them!

    • The Steady Hand

      I can’t even imagine him being gone months at a time. You are one strong woman! Yes, we are lucky that our husband’s have jobs (even though we may not like them).

  • cheyl

    Not so strong, when I came upon this I was looking for a place where women like ourselves could chat and find a sense of community with women who’s husbands travel. You see my strength is fading and I want him home. Unrealistic, yes but that is what I feel. Need support from women like us!

    • The Steady Hand

      I can understand. My husband has been home since November but prior to that he was traveling every week. Even though he came home for the weekend each week it just got worse every time he left. I almost thought it would be better if he didn’t come home on the weekends because it got to the point where once his car pulled out of the doorway I would just sit there and cry. His off season is pretty much over and he will start traveling again next week. Once he starts he will be gone each week until November again. The first month isn’t that bad but after 6 weeks or so I start falling apart. I don’t tell him that I cry or that I miss him just because I don’t want to make it harder on him. Of course I tell him I love him but I just don’t bring up the fact that he travels so much. Now that our daughter is 3, she is starting to understand him being gone too and misses him a lot. I don’t think it will get any better for her until she is old enough to understand why he has to travel. You are right, we do need a community for women like us. I mean my husband isn’t gone for long periods of time but after a couple months time just blends and those 2 days that he is home really doesn’t feel like much. If you ever need someone to talk to you can message me on FB, here is my personal link: or you can email me at Maybe we should band together and create a FB group. I don’t know of anyone else (other than you) that has a spouse that travels like ours do but I am sure they are not hard to find.

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