My New Craft Room!

I am super excited to finally share with you the finished pictures of my new craft room. When we moved into our home in TN I immediately picked the room facing the front of the house as my craft room. My husband then got to work and started drawing up plans trying to figure out how the room would be laid out. My new craft room is more of a rectangle compared to my last room that was square.

Here is a picture of my old craft room:

Old Craft Room -

We used ClosetMaid products for most of the room. The two towers on either side of the large table were made using the ClosetMaid 12.13-in White Laminate Stacking Storage. They are stacked 2 high and we used a total of 8. The top shelf was made using ClosetMaid 11.6-in White Laminate Stacking Storage. We used 3.

The table was made using 2 ClosetMaid 24.1-in White Laminate Stacking Storage stacked on top of each other on one side with another ClosetMaid 12.13-in White Laminate Stacking Storage next to it. The other side had the ClosetMaid 2 Door Organizer White with ClosetMaid 12.13-in White Laminate Stacking Storage next to it. On top of that is a large piece of laminate wood that I used as a tabletop. My desk which is not pictured had 2 ClosetMaid 31″ Vertical Organizer White as the legs. My husband cut down a 12″ white laminate shelf for me to use as the tabletop.

For my new room we wanted to go with something a little more sturdy. Here is a picture of the room before we got started:

Untouched craft room -

Don’t worry you aren’t going crazy…there are 3 pictures above. The first 2 are taken from the back of the room looking toward the window. The last picture is taken from the window looking into the room. As you can see the room is just like a rectangle minus the cover where the door is. The closet doesn’t have any doors on it at the moment.

For the cabinets we used Kitchen Classics Base Cabinets from Lowe’s. We purchased a total of 6 base cabinets. The tabletop is 1″ thick wood board. I can’t tell you what type of wood it is because my husband isn’t here at the moment. If you want to know leave a comment on this post and that will remind me to ask him.

After the base cabinets were set into laid the tabletop onto them with plastic sheeting underneath and got to work with some paint. We had many ideas on how we wanted to do the tabletop. Actually we first tried to use Vinyl Tile (the sticky ones) but that didn’t look good at all and the tiles weren’t sticking right. I brought up the paint idea and I am glad I did. We used Behr Premium Plus Ultra Semi-Gloss paint from Home Depot. I rolled the paint on with a roller. 2 coats did the trick.

Painting tabletop of craft room -

We also purchased some wood knobs and painted them the same color. It is hard to see in the pictures but it is a dark green.

craft room handpainted buttons and counter top -

Once the tabletop was dry my husband screwed it on and that was when the fun really began. Now it was time to put everything away and get organized!

Craft Room Renovation -

Here is a supplies list in case you are interested:

Picture on the left
2 – Kitchen Classics 35-in H x 18-in W x 23-3/4-in D Concord White Drawer Base Cabinet
2 – Kitchen Classics 35-in H x 18-in W x 23-3/4-in D Concord White Door and Drawer Base Cabinet
2 – ClosetMaid 9 White Laminate Storage Cubes

Picture on the right
2 – Kitchen Classics 35-in H x 24-in W x 24-in D Concord White Door and Drawer Base Cabinet
1 – LINNMON/ NIPEN Table, gray from Ikea. The table is between the cabinets under the tabletop. I wanted an extra table just in case!

I call this side the YARN side. As you can see I am still trying to figure out where I want stuff to go but it is getting there.

Craft Room -

This is the SEWING side.

Sewing room -

And this last picture is my husband’s genius idea. He took Elmer’s Sturdy Foam Board and cut out pieces to make these inserts for my cubes. My yarn looks a lot better stored this way!

Yarn organizer craft room -

That was quite a lengthy post. I hope you enjoyed the tour of my new craft room. All thanks to my husband of course. I don’t know how he comes up with these ideas but I sure do love him for it. He also designed and put together the layout of my daughter’s playroom. I will share that soon!

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2 comments to My New Craft Room!

  • Bert

    Love you sewing room. Can you ask what kind of wood your husband bought for the top. Finally after a lifetime, iI have craft room. Right now is just tables but I really want to do something like this. Yours is bigger but mine is a one car garage that I paid extra when the house was being built so I could have a craft/sewing room. Thank you for putting all of the stuff so I can start plannikng .

    • thesteadyhand

      Hi Bert!

      He used 3/4″ MDF board. I painted it with 3 coats of latex paint to make the surface smooth and washable.

      Good luck to you with your craft room and if you have a chance I would love to see pictures one it is finished!

      The Steady Hand

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