My New Web Hosting Company

Back in September 2012 I made some drastic changes to my blog. One of those changes was to switch my hosting from GoDaddy to InMotion. My husband was the one who researched for me all the different hosting companies and found InMotion. He thought that it would be the best company to go with based on price and their customer service.

He called them for me to ask about the process of switching over the hosting service. They explained everything to him and were very detailed. He then could explain everything to me in terms that I could understand. He is definitely more knowledgeable when it comes to that sort of thing than I am. I trust my husband so I said go for it!

Within 24 hours the hosting for my site was transferred over. InMotion did everything for us and we just had to sit there and wait. There were no issues and when The Steady Hand Blog came back up everything was exactly the same as it was before. Because of their great customer service I decided to switch over my domain and my email accounts to them as well. Both transitions were smooth and error-free.

I am very happy with the service that I get from InMotion. Their customer service is available 24 hours a day. I can call them anytime and always get a hold of someone very quickly. If there are any issues with my site they let me know immediately and let me know how to fix it. This has only happened once and it was a problem on my end that they helped me to fix.

I have also noticed that my site loads faster and goes down a lot less than it did with GoDaddy. I have a Pingdom account that tells me whenever my blog goes down. With GoDaddy I was getting notifications 3-4 times a week. Since I switched over to InMotion it has only happened once (and that was my fault – which InMotion helped me to resolve).

If you are thinking of switching your hosting then I highly recommend InMotion!

I'd love to hear what you think!

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