My Twitching Thumb

I do a lot with my hands. I crochet, type (A LOT), play with my daughter, etc. I mean, we use our hands for everything, so when my thumb on my right hand started doing this twitching thing a couple weeks ago it really freaked me out. It does it a couple times a day now most of the time when my hands aren’t doing anything.

Some time last year, I came under attack by a coffee mug. (I reached into the cupboard, it fell, landed on the granite counter top and came flying at me!) Anyway, I think I may have tried to catch the mug but ended up cutting myself pretty badly on my right hand. Yes, I needed stitches…my first time ever.  The cut was on my thumb pretty much parallel with it from where my thumb meets my palm halfway up my thumb. I needed 3 stitches is all.

Since then, I have had some pain in my thumb especially when using scissors or anything that may press on the scar tissue. I did have an MRI done (waste of time) and the results were not conclusive. For what I paid, I should have been able to take home the machine.

So when this twitching thing started, I pretty much assumed it had something to do with my past accident.

I did a search on WebMD because that is where I find all my health information and used their Symptom Checker. If you have Painless Muscle Twitching in your fingers you could have: Epilepsy or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Really? I think not so I did a little more searching. Carpal Tunnel or early Parkinson’s also came up. The ALS is coming up everywhere. Read some forum posts and it looks like it could be nothing to signs of something quite serious.

The amount of information online is great but sometimes I think a lot of it is just space-filler, very unnecessary. I may have to just make an appt with the doc if it continues and gets more bothersome. I personally think it may be a pinched nerve or maybe Carpal Tunnel.

Anyone else with a limb that just moves on its own? I know a thumb is not much of a limb but you know what I mean.

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  • Erin Elise

    I’m gonna go with carpal tunnel (as much as you use your hands for typing and crocheting) or just a tweaked nerve. Do try one day when it is noticeable to eat a banana when it comes on. I get things like this every now and again in my fingers (ironically usually my thumb) and I have found out that it is from a potassium deficiency….the banana usually knocks it right out. (pickles are also a great source of potassium!!!)

    • The Steady Hand

      Thanks for your input Erin. I will buy some bananas the next time I go grocery shopping. I am not a fan of pickles though..ewww. lol Thanks again!

  • Steve

    I’ve had a twitching thumb and index finger on my right hand for years. My right hand is my strong hand. However, I do have carpal tunnel in my right hand. I’ve had surgery on my left hand because the pain was terrible. No pain in the right hand. I wonder why?

    My hand Doctor told me to squeeze a rubber ball several times a day to exercise the hand.

    • The Steady Hand

      I don’t have pain in my right hand just the twitching too. Rubber ball, okay I will give that a try as well. Thanks Steve! Did the surgery in your left hand work? Do you still have any problems with your left hand?

  • Anne Jensen

    Oh, ouch! That’s so weird that it’s twitching- I hope you find something that helps soon!

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  • Jazzij

    Was doing a web search on thumb twitching due to my currently twitching digit 🙂 All along I have thought it felt like CP and am glad to know others have issues like this as well.

    I also have trouble with keeping a decent potassium level and have found coconut water to be a fabulous and fast source of potassium. I now order it online through amazon. It is interesting I haven’t had any for a few weeks now and this happens, as well as leg cramping, so I am certainly thinking it may be the possible reason.

    Thank you for sharing, off to order some more coconut water.

  • Corin Ocasio

    So did you ever get your twitching fixed? I also went online about the twitching – freaked me out about parkinsons and als….i have no other symptoms other than the constant twitching on my right thumb as well as sometimes my index finger. I made an appointment with doctor but was just wondering what the outcome was. Thanks, Corin

    • thesteadyhand

      To tell the truth I never did go to the doctor for it. I still think it has something to do with the cut on my thumb from my coffee mug. It doesn’t do it as much anymore but it still happens maybe once a month. Unless it gets to the point where I can’t use my hand I probably won’t go see the doctor about it. Let me know what your doctor says after you go!

  • ~Amy

    Corin & The Steady Hand,
    I have the same problem with the twitchy thumb, but over the past couple of days my index finger has begun twitching as well. All this is on my right hand. I am left handed. Today, the inside of my left arm was twitching, too.
    Corin, I am really interested in what your doctor says about your condition. Please follow up after your visit.

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