New helpful parent website I found

My husband found it actually. He was searching child-friendly travel destinations and found a great article on there.

The website is called Minti. It is powered by Parents. You can sign up to rate articles, write your own articles and ask or answer questions. I just signed up for an account today to rate some great articles that I read. I found a lot of helpful information on there. I think of it more as a Parent Community and there are people on there from all around the world.

The article my was reading is the Top 9 Best Baby Friendly Travel Destinations in/around the U.S.. Check out #9, I would love to go there! That place just sounds amazing for adults and children. 4,000 square feet of outdoor playground? Yup, my daughter would go gaga over it.

So, just wanted to share the site and article with you. Let me know if you find anything else that is interesting. I am still looking through it.

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  • Chara

    I am your newest follower. LOVE the site! Hope you get a chance to hop over and see me. I have lots of giveaways and deals posted. At least TEN more this week. Try to keep up! Come save money with me and get some great freebies too!
    Stay Fabulous~Chara@ NothingButFabulousity

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