No Zoo 4 You!!!

We had plans to go to the zoo today. I know that is a Friday and that Spring Break starts tomorrow but I figured Hey, if we go right when they open we will be ok. Nope, I was wrong! Hubby had no problems telling me that. I should have known when we pulled up a mile from the entrance to the zoo and there was a line turning into it. Well, we sat there and waited thinking that it was just that the light was too fast. Entrance to the zoo was no better. We pulled in and saw about 10 school buses and what looked like thousands of little kids lined up in the parking lot. OH NO!!! Yes, we did turn around.
Now, don’t get me wrong…I love kids…just not when they are in large numbers! My hubby doesn’t like crowds as it is so we just decided a change of plans was in order. I felt bad since we told the gp’s (grandparents) that we were going to the zoo. But of course, they didn’t mind. As long as they were spending time with Abby they were ok.
We went to Tillery Park instead which is just around the corner from the zoo. A friend of mine told me about it and wow I was quite impressed. The play structure is amazing. All wood with different nooks and crannies. Abby loved it.
We hit Logan’s Roadhouse for lunch where Abby ate practically nothing since she was so tired. Came home for Abby to nap then spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside.
Ordered pizza from a local joint: Bosses Brickoven Pizzas. Their cheesesticks are yummy!!!
A bath, episode of Sesame Street Sings Karaoke and it is bedtime.
Thank goodness! My head feels like it has been bashed apart and I have taken at least 5 different allergy and sinus meds today. It hurts to actually breathe thru my noise. I put lotion on it and it burns, owww! I am done and going to bed.

Good night and hope you all sleep better than me!

2 comments to No Zoo 4 You!!!

  • bluecottonmemory

    Sounds like a perfect day! I agree, I like having the zoo all to myself:)

    One of my teens has an awful cold virus! He feels pretty miserable – but then he's the one stereo-typical male I have who is helpless when he is feeling poorly. Hope you feel better soon:)

  • amazey

    bluecottonmemory – Thank you for the well wishes. I do feel a little better now. Yes, I have seen those stereo-typical males myself. When they get sick their whole bodies shut down…LOL

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