Oh the days fly by

This weekend just zoomed by. With the garage sale taking up Friday and Saturday, we only had today to run our errands and get things done. We hit the store this morning for groceries. Then I dropped off daddy and Abby at Ridgemar  mall so they could play and I could go shop at Jo-Ann’s in peace. I managed to find only 4 skeins of the yarn I needed. We had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings in Lake Worth. It was yummy! Love their potato wedges.
After Abby’s nap we headed to the Jo-Ann’s in Hurst so I could buy the rest of the yarn I needed. Hit Michael’s for some puzzles for Abby then headed back home.
Stopped at Pho King Way for dinner. I love my vietnamese food but I say NO Pho King Way!!! LOL The service and food was horrible there. Should have walked right back out when we walked in and a woman was giving a guy a back massage right there in the restaurant. Not sure if they worked there or knew the owner or what but they were not diners. The food was quick to arrive and they did not mind our special order for Abby. But the fried rice was not fried at all and it seemed to be drenched in oil. We won’t be going back…
Last night, I managed to have enough time to update my Etsy store and my website: www.thesteadyhand.com with my current items available. My Etsy store does not list everything and I really need to get on there and add a couple more items. I hope this week I will be able to finish more of my stuff and get them listed.
So I was able to the buttons to finish my Newborn Button-Strap Visor Beanie & Diaper Cover Set. Here it is all done!

I think it came out really cute. What do you think? Hope you all had a great weekend!

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