Our Easter Egg Hunt Fiasco

I know that for a lot of people this weekend starts the preparation for Easter weekend. Cleaning house, making room for friends and family visiting, buying groceries, etc.

What are your plans for Easter and what are you doing to prepare?
We have reservations set at Bistro Louise for Easter Sunday Brunch. I have a very close friend flying in this Friday and staying with us until Monday. So I will be cleaning house during the week and also trying to figure out what her and I will be doing this weekend.

We already took Abby Easter Egg Hunting yesterday and that didn’t go to well. She was very overwhelmed with the amount of people there. We went the Lake Worth City Easter Egg Hunt which was held at the Lake Worth Library. I had never been there before and must say it was quite nice. But the Easter Egg Hunt was very crowded. Abby was in the 0-4 age range which started at 10 AM. Everyone crowded around and once the whistle blew it was chaos. People were grabbing eggs for their children and older kids were in there as well helping the younger ones. Abby was able to pick up 4 eggs by herself, I didn’t pick up any for her. Most people were walking around with their baskets full. I was very disappointed. I thought the event was for the kids but I think it was more about people’s greed for candy. After that fiasco, we left and took Abby to a close by park where she had a great time playing around. Probably not going to do that again.

I have a plan to do our own Easter Egg Hunt this Thursday with a fellow Mommy and playmate of Abby’s. I think the kids will like that better when they don’t have to fight for their little treats.

Anyway…did you take your children Easter Egg Hunting or are you planning to? How did it go?

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Thank you and hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


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