Poor little Scruffy

This is our little man, Scruffy who is a Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu mix. He is going on 8 years old. Yesterday, he started acting strange. Not wanting to eat his food, just laying on the floor all day and then he started trembling and shaking.
By last night, it was real bad. While we were eating dinner, he didn’t even sit under the table waiting for my daughter to drop something. We knew something was up. After my daughter went to bed, my husband and I started watching him more closely. He was trembling and shaking so much and it would occur in 20-20 minute increments.
We started looking at 24 hour Pet Emergency hospitals. I called and talked to whoever answered the phone about how Scruffy was acting. I called 2 and both told me it was a matter of what we decided. They couldn’t tell me anything over the phone as they would have to see him to figure out what was wrong. These place charge over $100 just to see your pet if you bring them in when it is not normal business hours. Price is not an issue for us when it comes to Scruffy but I just wasn’t sure if what was going on was life-threatening or not. I really wish he could just talk and tell us what was wrong!!!
After a while, the shaking and trembling went away and he went to sleep. First thing this morning, I took him in to see his normal Vet. He went outside before we left but would not touch his food or water at all.
The Vet did a physical exam and decided that he has a disc problem in his back. The trembling and shaking would be coming from the pain. Scruffy got a morphine and cortisone shot and also meds to take for the next month or so.
Since I brought him home, he has not moved. I expect the morphine will knock him out for a while. But he still hasn’t had anything to drink or eat yet. We will keep watching him and hopefully he starts acting like himself again.

We have had Scruffy with us since we was 6 weeks old. He moved with us from Las Vegas to IL, IL to MI and finally MI to TX. We have been through a lot together and I still consider him my 1st child. It breaks our heart to see him like this but at least it isn’t something worse.

Do you have pets? Do they have any medical problems that you would like to share? When searching online, last night it surprised me that there is no real information out there for when pets don’t feel good. We need like a PetMD. But once again, that would only help if they could talk….

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