Quite a long day here!

I didn’t post yesterday as I was so tired. Took Abby to Chik-fil-A to play and have lunch up by Alliance Center. I noticed that the new Kroger up there opened up and wow, that place is just sooo busy!

Today I had a play date in the afternoon with my NW Fort Worth Mom’s group. 10 mom’s showed up and it was great! Abby had so much fun and didn’t mind sharing her toys at all. I must admit with the amount of kids, parents and noise it got to me a little…but all in all Abby and I had a great time and we will probably do it again quite soon. I can’t wait until it warms up and we can have the kids play in the backyard. That will be fun! Hubby was downstairs with earphones on trying to drown out the screams, yelling and banging. He managed…

We ended up buying the domain to our website so now it is:

Here is a picture of those socks that I thought I would never finish

Like I said in a previous post they came out larger than I wanted. They are Woman Size: 10-12 and Men Size 9-16. I am just happy they are done and out of the way. Now I can start working on something else.

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