Review: Pacific Play Tents Cottage House Tent

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Before you say it…I know. My daughter is spoiled. We can’t help it (more like my husband can’t) but I will also be the first to admit it. 🙂

Now, with that out-of-the-way I want to tell you about this awesome play tent. We have tried a couple of different play tents but they were all so flimsy and cheaply made that they didn’t last long. This play tent goes together almost like a real outdoor tent and is very sturdy. It has been up for almost a month now with no tears or rips.

Looks big right? That is because it is. It measures 58″ X 58″ X 48″ high. Large enough that we were able to put my daughter’s table and chair set in there for her to play house. We could even fit her play kitchen in there if we wanted to.

There are 2 windows on the front and back and 1 window on each side. The front has the door which has a zipper to close it and the back has a small doggie door (but big enough for the kids to crawl through). All the windows and doors have velcro latches to keep them open and out-of-the-way.

We researched play tents online and this one had the best reviews. Of course we could only find it sold online as well but we are used to that already. We ordered our play tent from Amazon.

And yes, that is how much we paid. We did get Free shipping on our order and since I plan on keeping this tent for at least 5 years I think the price is worth it. If it falls apart tomorrow…don’t worry I will let you know. But based on the fact that my daughter has tried to climb on it, jumped onto it from the top of the couch and has it filled with so much toys now that she can barely fit, I think it is a worthwhile buy. If anything it keeps her busy!

The same company that makes this house tent also sells other play tents even one that is pretty much the same shape as this one but looks like a log house (guessing for the boys). Anyway, hope you like my review and if you have any questions let me know. Thanks and have a great day!


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