Review: Skintrium Skin Soho Facial Lightening Parfait

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Updated 11/23/12 with pictures. See below.

I have always been very sensitive about my face. When I went through puberty I was attacked by acne and I still get pimples now to this day. Of course, when I was younger I did what any teen or kid would do, I picked at my face. Now I have the scars to prove it. I used to try to wear makeup to cover them up but after a while I just gave up. The makeup would either irritate my skin or I would have to apply so much that it just looked worse. I have spent a lot of money trying different products and have even considered getting skin laser treatments. It is easy to say that I come to accept the way my face looks but I still envy all the women I see with clear, perfect skin.

I entered a Skintrium giveaway a month ago and they emailed me recently asking if I would like to try one of their products. I immediately jumped on this opportunity.

Skintrium™ lets you choose how deep your skin color will be- a flawless, radiant skin that’s free of freckles, scarring, roughness, discolorations, or other detractions that make your skin anything less than perfect.

They know just what to say to get a girl interested. Flawless skin…seriously a dream for a lot of people. I know I am not the only one with less than perfect skin. I avoid posting pictures of my face here but I have a couple of pictures on other posts so if you want to see exactly what my skin looks like you can look here and here.

Of all the products on Skintrium’s website I chose to try the Skin Soho Facial Lightening Parfait. It is a 2 oz bottle and retails for $90.97 (on SALE now for only $$80.97). Quite a price tag but you pay for the quality and the results. Below is a picture of the box that I received. It was like getting a present.

Inside the box hidden under black tissue paper I found this Skintrium Gift Bag. It was like looking for buried treasure.

Found it! The bottle is very nice and I like that it doesn’t just come in a plain squeeze bottle. It shows you that they have pride in their product.

This is a picture of the label that shows you the ingredients.

Finally a picture of the parfait itself. It is very creamy and almost translucent. It has a very light powdery smell to it, almost like baby powder but with a hint of flowers.

The instructions on Skintrium’s website say to apply twice a day after washing. Use your fingers to apply the parfait over your  face, throat and chest. You can pat away the excess with a towel or let it absorb. For the price, I am not going to pat away anything! A little goes a long way. Here is a short description of what the product will do from the Skintrium’s website.

This Parfait combines multiple exclusive brightening agents for extra power to correct spots and blotches from acne, sun and hormones. Gives your face, neck and chest a newly radiant, even tone. Gently resurfaces the skin for the most velvety texture. Deeply moisturizing herbal extracts provide soothing, antioxidant protection.

This Parfait combines multiple exclusive brightening agents for extra power to correct spots and blotches from acne, sun and hormones. Gives your face, neck and chest a newly radiant, even tone. Gently resurfaces the skin for the most velvety texture. Deeply moisturizing herbal extracts provide soothing, antioxidant protection.The first time I used it, I applied it very sparingly on my face only. My neck and chest don’t have any acne scars or discoloration so I am not going to worry about those areas at the moment. Immediately after applying the parfait I did notice a tingling sensation. It absorbed right into my skin without it leaving any sort of residue or stickiness. I applied it once more that day. The next day I applied it again and noticed a slight burning which to me tells me it is working. My skin is a little more sensitive than most so I am quite used to the burning feeling when I apply lotions and such.

I have been using it for just a couple of days now and there are no visible results. I know that my skin feels softer and a little tighter than normal. I also notice that my skin is a bit more sensitive which means that the parfait is indeed working to resurface my skin. I hope that after a couple more weeks of using it I will see a visible result. I don’t think that the scarring will go away completely but to make them less visible will make me happy.

Thank you very much to Skintrium for sending me this product to review!

Update: 11/23/2012

Here is a picture of my face before I started using the Parfait:

Here is a picture of my face after using the Parfait for 28 days (once or twice a day) very sparingly:

Both pictures are large so that you can see the detail. Both pictures are also taken with natural sunlight. I am not wearing any makeup in either of the pictures.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

20 comments to Review: Skintrium Skin Soho Facial Lightening Parfait

  • Gonzalez

    I just purchased this item after reading your feedback. Cant’t wait to receive my order!

  • The Steady Hand

    Awesome! I would love to know how you like it. I have been using this cream daily since I wrote this post. My skin is a lot softer and I have noticed that my skin is also much lighter than it used to be. My acne scars are less noticeable and my skin is also more firm. I love it!

  • malissa

    Did it really work? can you post before and after pictures, because i would like to purchase it and just a little skeptical on if it really works or not.

  • malissa

    also how many shades lighter did you get

    • The Steady Hand

      I think that my skin got a little lighter but that is also after only using it for 28 days. The bottle is just a little less than half full now so I think I can get another month out of it without a problem.

      • malissa

        thank you, sense using the product could others tell the difference of your skin what do they say?,
        what exactly did you want to change about your skin and is the soho facial lightening parfait working for that?, i was looking into buying it and then i did research and read bad reviews and good reviews i just don’t know my final decision, i used every product and want this one to be a success because no other product was for me. The other products i used just burned my skin now i have really bad discoloration and uneven skin tone i just want to return to my natural color once again. & your skin looks wonderful

        • Aprile M.

          The only person that sees me on a daily basis to notice the difference is my husband and he says that my skin looks a lot brighter and clearer.
          I used the parfait to help diminish the acne scars I have on my forehead and cheeks. It is working as you can see in the pictures the scars are still there but a lot less noticeable.
          The parfait is very light. My skin is very sensitive and it doesn’t burn or cause any redness when I use it.

  • malissa

    do you use any other products with it like the cleanser and toner from the soho line or you just use that only

  • tahir

    its been quite a while now so can you please update us with how the product is working?? i have got hyperpigmentation which is quite deep tried everything and got nothing permanent result so thinking to give this product a go so can you please update??c

    • The Steady Hand

      Tahir – Thanks for reminding me. I have been using this product since October, ran out and bought another bottle. My skin has become much lighter. My pores are less visible and my acne scars are also less pronounced. I no longer use it daily. I use it every other week now switching between this and a regular moisturizer. It works very well! The first month or so I didn’t really see any results but after 3 months you can really tell there is a difference. I don’t use coverup anymore – that pretty much says it all. Mind you my skin is not flawless (and I doubt it will ever be) but it is very much improved. Thanks!

  • Narmi

    Hi … Nice that you found results with this product.. I have just ordered one seeing yur results… After continuous use of this product , how many shades did u lighten…? I am fair and i dont have much marks on my skin..but i wanted to lighten my skin 3-4 shades. Will this cream help?

    • Aprile M.

      I lightened about 2-3 shades. The bottle lasted me a little over 1 month. After 2 weeks I used it only every other day. I think this cream will help you lighten your skin 3-4 shades if you use it daily. Thanks!

  • sam

    how long did it take for you to notice results ?

    • Aprile M.

      Sam – I noticed results after 3 weeks of using the cream daily. My husband said he noticed results sooner than that. I compared pictures of myself and from before and after using the cream. 3 weeks is when I saw a real difference in the color and smoothness of my skin.

  • kay

    Hey, I came across your review because I want to try skintrium as I heard so many good things about it some people say it`s a scam
    I know your last post was in 2013 but, are you still using the cream? did you get your final results? any side effects?
    I wanted to buy the x15 and the sthetic teal I don`t know if I am spelling it right?? now, I am not sure I might buy what you used .I would kindly appreciate if you would reply to me and post some pictures

    Thanks ,

    • thesteadyhand


      Thanks for stopping by. So glad you found my review.
      I am not using the cream anymore. I used the whole bottle that they sent me to review but I have not purchased another since then. The price tag is a tad over my budget.
      The parfait definitely lightened my skin and made it a lot smoother while I was using it. After the bottle was gone the results were amazing but since I haven’t used it for over a year it would be pointless for me to post pictures now. My skin doesn’t show the results anymore. If I had the funds I would buy more and use it everyday.

      Have a great day!

  • kay

    Dear Aprile,Thanks for the reply!
    I know you are not using the cream anymore
    Would you say the results are permanent?
    For example, my dermatologist had me using a cream for my spots and the results were permanent I got lighter and everything until I went back in the sun which I wasn`t suppose to and got t new spots
    Can I get my skin lighter and just keep it with out going in the sun.
    I really appreciate you taking the time to answer me


    • thesteadyhand


      Yes I do believe the results are permanent as long as you stay out of the sun and/or use sunscreen. Please note that I am not a doctor and everything that I write on my blog and in the comments is just my honest opinion.

      Thanks so much and have a good day!

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