Rundown of my Birthday Weekend

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Hope you all had a great weekend and a great Easter. I had a wonderful weekend with my best bud and my family. You can read about how my weekend went below.
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Friday – I picked up my friend from DFW airport. We grabbed lunch at Fuzzy’s tacos. The best fish tacos every! My bud doesn’t eat fish so she had the chicken but she said they were awesome as well. Fought DFW traffic to get home of course. Ordered chinese delivery for dinner and after Abby went to bed we hit Kohl’s. I didn’t know they were open until 11 PM on Friday and Saturday nights. Boy, that place was busy! Tons of people shopping for clothes late at night. Bought a couple things and hit the sack early.

Saturday – The plan was to get some shopping in. We all went to the Grapevine Mall. Love that mall since they have tons of outlet stores there but there is no indoor play area for the little ones. We hit Old Navy, Levi’s Outlet and the Disney Store to get Abby some Mickey Mouse dolls. After that, we ate a restaurant right there by the mall called Love and War in Texas. We were not impressed. After returning home, so Abby could get some rest, my friend and I watched a movie. We went to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner. After Abby went to bed, my friend and I went to Simply Fondue for some dessert and also to walk around downtown. Little did we know, the weather was getting bad. After we left Simply Fondue, it got a little windy. The wind gusts were up to at least 50 mph. Let’s just say we had a hard time making it back to the car. I feel sorry for all the women we say that were wearing dresses and skirts.

Sunday – For Easter, we had Sunday Brunch at Bistro Louise. While Abby took her nap, we watched another movie then had some leftovers for dinner. Played with Abby until bedtime and another movie. It was a nice relaxing day.

Monday – My friend and I went to get out pedicure’s done this morning and then met my husband and daughter for lunch at Rosa’s. Her flight was set to depart at 4:45 this afternoon. We set out for the airport at around 2 and arrived at 3. Her flight didn’t end up leaving until 7:45, poor girl. But at least she got home. All the other flights to Las Vegas from DFW were canceled so I guess you could say she got lucky.

I had a great time with my friend and a wonderful Easter with my family. I will be posting some Reviews to the places I hit this weekend so stay tuned for that, especially if you live in the DFW area. I will also be posting another huge Coupon Giveaway this week, so watch out!

Hope you all had a great weekend and Easter! I would love to hear what you all did!


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