San Antonio Trip – Day 1

We cannot catch a break today! The day started off very well. I was up early, got everything packed and we were able to hit the road at the time we wanted.
1st thing to go wrong… I forgot my prescription, luckily we were only 5 minutes away. Went back to get that…dropped off Scruffy at the vet to be boarded and finally got set on the way.
2nd thing to go wrong…stopped at the gas station on the way out of town for gas, drinks and snacks. Joe got me a corndog since yes I do like them every now and then. Well I thought I would share some of the corn portion with Abby. Not even an hour later, she throws up. We stop on the side of the road and clean her up. Get back on the road and 30 minutes later she did it again. We saw a McDonald with a play area and decided to just stop there. She was fine playing outside in the play area so we got her some chicken nuggets. After sitting with my hubby and analyzing the whole first part of the trip, we came to the conclusion that she was getting sick from watching her portable dvd player while the car was moving so like motion sickness sort of. So back in the car, no dvd player, she falls asleep for her nap and the rest of the trip is perfectly fine.
3rd – After checking in to the hotel and getting a little settled we find out that the bathroom of the room we are in was never cleaned and the garbage was never emptied. So told the front desk and we had to move to another room. Much better!
We take Abby to a park to play and run out some energy before dinner.
4th – We stop for dinner at a chinese buffet. Abby’s favorite…only to find out that they do not serve Potstickers/Gyoza. What? This is the first time I have ever been to a chinese restaurant that does not serve this specific staple. I mean really?
So back to the hotel, finally getting settled in and no Abby is not asleep yet. Getting a child to sleep in a hotel room is like getting my husband to clean the bathroom…not gonna happen!

So, if any of you are still with me…Thank you! There is no one else I could have shared this horrible day with. ย Heres to a better tomorrow!!!

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