San Antonio Trip – Day 3

The last day was of course the best! We went to SeaWorld San Antonio. The whole purpose of the trip was to hit the new Sesame Street Bay of Play for Abby since she is such a huge Sesame Street fan. Well, she had a blast!

Abby was kind of in shock. We think she had a hard time figuring out why the characters were so large. From what she sees on TV and her dolls…they were huge!

After SeaWorld, we decided to call it a day and actually cut our trip short and head back home all the way back to Fort Worth. Since Abby was so exhausted we figured she would be fine on the way home, which she was. No sickness just a little whining there at the end.

It was so great to be home! All in all, a great trip. I could do without her getting sick but I think she had a lot of fun. We won’t be going on another road trip for a while though!

We would love to take Abby to Sesame Place in PA. Has anyone been there? What would be a good age to take your child? Abby was not tall enough to ride the rides at the Bay of Play so we are thinking once she passes the 42″ threshold. What do you think?

I'd love to hear what you think!

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