Saving Money

So I know that there are a lot of people out there that love to use coupons. But other than that, what are you doing or have done to try and save some money?

My family and I have done the following:
1. Cut the landline. Both my husband and I have just our cellphones. Our internet is still via the phone line as we don’t have cable lines in our housing subdivision yet.
2. No cable. Yes you read that right. We do not have cable, well obviously since there are no lines but we did use to subscribe to satellite tv. It was so expensive so we just dropped it. Now we just have basic cable that has a couple good channels. All our movies we get from Netflix and any shows we follow we can watch online.
3. Trying to eat in more. Since I am not a good cook, we tend to eat out or order in a lot. But we have been trying to eat in more which is kind of working. My husband is a great cook so when he is home he makes some meals which is wonderful! When he doesn’t, what we eat usually comes out of a box or was at some time frozen.
4. Stop buying! When we shop, we are shopping for food, other than that…we don’t. We don’t go to the mall since that is just asking for trouble. When we do need to buy clothing for Abby or for ourselves we like to hit the Outlet Malls or Kohls as they both have really great prices.
5. No Sunday driving. Gas prices are up there…and we all know they are not going down. No more driving just to get out of the house…I actually can’t remember the last time I ever did that.

Some other little things I constantly do are:
– turning off the lights
– changing the thermostat (up or down) so it is not constantly running
– buy store brands

Please share your money-saving tips! I know I am not the most frugal person out there so help me out here!


I'd love to hear what you think!

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