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ScanDigital is a photo scanning service that scans your old photos and turns them into digital form to preserve your memories and make your pictures easier to share. I know that most people have a digital camera now a days, we do! But back when my husband and I were growing up, digital camera’s were not around yet. All we have left are old photos that are gathering dust in old photo albums or worse yet stored in old shoe boxes.

ScanDigital is the world’s premier, photo digitization service. We provide high quality scans and provide them to you both on DVD or CD and through our online gallery. Using our fully interactive online gallery, you can share your photos with friends and family, upload additional digital images to complete your digital gallery and order reprints; as well as numerous other print products (i.e. mugs, key chains, t-shirts) through our print partner Qoop. Simply put, ScanDigital provides the most user-friendly experience available. We place the customer at the center of everything we do throughout the entire order process.

Trust us – photo scanning is the key to preserving and sharing such wonderful moments with new and old friends.” – from ScanDigital’s website.

ScanDigital was nice enough to give me a $50 gift code to try out their service. They clearly outline on their website how the process works.

Step 1: Fill out the order form, provide credit card information, print a shipping label and mail your pictures in. You also have the option of ordering a Secure Shipping Kit for $10 where they send you everything you need to safely and securely send your pictures to them.

I placed my order online on May 2nd, 2011. It took me just a couple minutes. Then I started going thru photos. That did not take me just a couple minutes…lol. I picked out 33 photos that were old or that I wanted a digital copy of. Most were from when I was a baby. One picture is the only one I have of my father, who I have never met. So I really don’t have to mention how priceless these photos are…even though I just did. I mailed it out on May 3rd.
Here are the pictures I sent in:

Sorry the pictures were accidentally deleted!

They received my package on May 6th and immediately started processing it. At any time, you can always log in to your account on their website, ScanDigital, to see where your order is at.
On May 7th, I went online to check and see where they were on my order…it clearly showed me that they were doing the Editing/Digital Optimization and Quality Check #2.
May 9th, I checked again to see where my order was at. It is now at the Final Quality Assurance Review, Disc/Hard Drive Creation and Order Finalized and Billed. Almost done!
I received an email on May 12th from ScanDigital letting me know they shipped my order out with a tracking number. Yay! I will be getting my new pictures soon!

I received a package back from ScanDigital on May 17th, 2011. So from the day I placed my order, it only took 15 days for them to receive, scan, digitize, upload and send my pictures back to me. I am super impressed! They bill you after all the work is done but before they send your package out. The total for my order was $20.84, I didn’t even come close to using all of the $50 GC they gave me! That was for a total of 33 pictures, great deal.

So now I have 33 pictures that are completely digital that weren’t before. Would you like to see some of the pictures…off course you would! Here ya go! Now don’t laugh!

So who remembers the old school baby walkers? Yes, this is me!

Once again…this is me. I think this was taken when I was in Kindergarten.

Stay tuned for the ScanDigital Giveaway and for more wonderful pictures (that I wouldn’t be able to share with you if it wasn’t for ScanDigital)!

Thank you ScanDigital!!!

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  • Joe

    Glad you had a reasonable experience with ScanDigital. I CANNOT recommend them at all.

    I had a groupon for their services and sent some 8 MM film to be scanned to DVD. They received the package on May 2. It had an “estimated completion date” of June 15. It’s still in processing a week later. I called to ask status and try to see what the holdup was and when the real completion date will be. They promised to call me back – they never returned the call.

    Perhaps you got special treatment. I can tell you that my experience has been very poor.

    • The Steady Hand

      Joe, I am sorry to hear that you are having a bad experience with them. I know that because my review would be posted here on my blog that I was given a little special treatment with my order. It frustrates me that companies do not treat all their customers the same. If you would like to email me at aprile.mazey(at), I can try to help find out the status of your order by emailing the person I dealt with at ScanDigital.

    • The Steady Hand

      Hey there Joe! You got a comment on my blog asking how your order turned out. If you have some time, swing on by and let us know. Thanks!

  • pat

    Just wondering how your order finally turned out with ScanDisk. I see there is another coupon on Groupon.

  • Jay

    Scan Digital is a scam. Bought thru Groupon and bought the most I could. They have just shipped and added a huge amount on my credit card. I expected a reasonable amount, but this is unbelievable. Also took forever to process. I took my list of
    items to a local processor, and they gave me a much lower price, including the Groupon price.

    • The Steady Hand

      I agree that the billing afterward is not a good way to do business. They should let you know before they start what the charge will be so that you can choose whether you want to go ahead with it or not. Sorry that you had a bad experience Jay.

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  • D Richardson


    Don’t send your memories to ScanDigital – they lost all of my films! I am absolutely heartbroken. Through unbelievable months of ignoring my calls, employee and facility changes, and a flawed tracking system, the end result is that 30-year old precious movies including my son’s first baby steps and Christmas are ALL GONE!

    ACCORDING TO THEIR “FOOLPROOF” TRACKING SYSTEM, MY FILMS AND LACIE DRIVE DISAPPEARED FROM A SEALED BOX SOMEWHERE BETWEEN CALIFORNIA AND MISSOURI, AND NOBODY NOTICED. It is now more than one year later. To date I have NEVER been offered the money I prepaid back, or compensation for my drive.

    IF YOU SENT MOVIES TO SCANDIGITAL in the last half of 2012, PLEASE CHECK YOUR ORDER TO MAKE SURE MY MOVIES WEREN’T ALSO SENT TO YOU – and if you have movies of a baby that you don’t recognize, PLEASE contact Matt Stone at ScanDigital! If you received film containers you don’t recognize, my film containers are the small Super 8 plastic canisters that are bright blue and white. They had stick-on embossed labels from a label maker from the 1970’s. The drive I sent with my order was a small LaCie drive in a black plastic surround. Thank you!

    • thesteadyhand

      Oh my gosh! I am so sorry to hear that your videos were lost. That is just horrible. After my review with them I have not worked with them again. It is very disheartening to see so many bad reviews. I just don’t know how they are still in business. I truly am sorry that you experienced this and I hope that everyone reads these comments before they give any of their memories or money to ScanDigital!

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