Scruffy Update 4/9

So our little man is doing a lot better. We have not given him any pain medication since he looks to be doing so well.

BUT…we are having a new issue with him. The Prednisone he is taking makes him drink a lot of water. Like a bowl of water every couple hours. Normally, he will go through a bowl every 12 hours. So, we have had some very unfortunate accidents occurring in the house. He is a small dog mind you, 20 lbs. But the puddles are humongous!!!

We tried leaving him outside but he is and always has been an indoor dog so he just sits by the back door and barks until you let him back in. He does not bark to let us know that he needs to go out. So we are having communication problems here. I am thinking we could make a button that he could push with his nose or step on that would automatically open the back door or something. We could never put in a doggy door as I am sure my 2 year old daughter will think the door is for her.

So I have stopped giving him his Prednisone hoping that his unreal thirst for water will stop and we don’t have to worry about stepping in his little surprises. I hope that his back doesn’t get any worse from this though. We are still watching him.

My dog is potty trained so accidents like this are not normal. How do you deal with this sort of thing? Has anyone tried those grass mats that the dogs can use indoors? Does that work?

I'd love to hear what you think!

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