Selling my crafts

I am having a pretty tough time selling my crafts online. There are so many avenues to get your craft products out there: Etsy, Amazon, EBay, online craft stores, blogs and even a new one I found today Meylah.
I first started with a page on Facebook The Steady Hand. I created albums and posted pictures of my various wares hoping friends and family would buy what I already had in stock. I did not list prices just told them to contact me if they were interested. I had one friend order a couple items and then I figured I needed to upgrade.

So my husband helped me create a free website to sell my products The Steady Hand on Weebly. I decided to keep it free until I started making some money off of it then I figured I would change it to just

I created an account on Etsy I just haven’t created a selling account. Tons of people are on there and it seems to me like it is a good way for me to get noticed. The Meylah website I created my online store and posted an item for sale since it was free. But now I am thinking I may have too much. I think I may be trying too hard. After the one sale to a friend, I have had nothing so far.

I feel almost disorganized with so many different websites going on and I hate that since I am a very organized person…and just like that I just took a break from writing this to go and fix my product spreadsheet. You can never be too organized!!!

Anyway, I am hoping to overcome this issue that I have. I do want to have an online business where I sell my handmade crafts. I think that I am just a beginner and I have a lot to learn. I just wish I could learn faster so that I could start making some money!!!

I'd love to hear what you think!

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