Sewing Ribbon Labels onto Crochet

Remember the post where I talked about the Ribbon Labels I ordered from I-D Designs? I finally put them to use!

I busted out my sewing machine that was collecting dust in my closet. I am horrible at sewing by hand so using the machine is the only way I can get the labels to be put on correctly and look good. This is what it looks like when I tried to sew the labels on by hand:

Looks horrible I know. I ripped up the stitches immediately. Now here is what it looks like when it is sewn on using a sewing machine.

Much better right? Minus the ribbon fraying on the edges. I should have folded the edges in and ironed it before I sewed it on. Lesson learned! Here is what the back looks like:

If you look closely you can see the stitches but it isn’t highly noticeable.

For the next hat, I folded each end under and ironed it to stay. Ironing it didn’t help much but I did my best.

Looks a lot better but I am not sure I like how large they are. Unless I sew around the entire ribbon 2 sides are open which would catch when you put on the hat.

Overall I don’t think these labels are going to work for my crochet hats. I think they will work for other crochet items like scarves and clothing. I will try to sew them on those garments and see how they look.

What labels do you use on your crochet items?

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