Sewing: Zip-top Carry All Pouch

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I dusted off the sewing machine and decided to get sewing again. The last time I used it was when my Aunt from Hawaii visited me early last year. I have a lot of fabric that I have bought on sale that I would like to use up. I decided to start off slow and make a couple of quick easy-to-do projects.

With that in mind I searched through a couple of my sewing books and picked a project from Sew What! Bags: 18 Pattern-Free Projects You Can Customize to Fit Your Needs. I prefer to work pattern-free as that gives me a lot more flexibility when I sew and I can add my own little touches here and there. The project was to make a Zippered Wristlet. I had some zippers on hand but nothing that was short enough for what the instructions called for. Instead of making a zippered wristlet I decided to make a larger zip-top carry all pouch. I still followed all of the instructions in the book. I cut my fabric a lot larger though to match the size of the zipper. I also excluded the strap.

Surprisingly this was the first time that I have sewn on a zipper. I haven’t attempted it before as I thought it would be very difficult. It wasn’t at all. I followed the instructions in the book (and thankfully there were a lot of pictures). I finished the project within 45 minutes. Let me know what you think!

zip-top pouch -

open zip top pouch -

The only thing I should have done which the instructions didn’t call for was to use interfacing to make the bag a little stiffer and stronger. Overall, I think it came out great and the zipper looks fabulous! Yes, I am a bit proud of myself for finally attempting this.

What sewing projects have you been working on?

I'd love to hear what you think!

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