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When I was a teenager I hated listening to my mom tell me her little tidbits of wisdom. I was a little brat though and since then have learned that she was so right! I was at that age where I thought I knew it all. She however did know it all and she tried to tell me but I wouldn’t listen.

My mom used to tell me:

“If your friends jumped off a cliff…would you?”

“You don’t need friends. They won’t be there when you really need them.”

“If it was a snake it would have bitten you by now.”

I have to admit that some of her sayings (when I think about it now) sound mean but she did have good intentions. She taught me to be independent.

“If you want it done right do it yourself.”

“Do not be dependent on a man.” – She was a single mom.

She didn’t need a man though and she proved that. She learned how to fix things around the house when they broke. She was and still is a very strong woman. She taught me to be strong too!

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Wisdom is best when shared!

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4 comments to Share your #momswisdom with Nestlé® Pure Life®

  • jeniferbalatico

    Moms words. I always listen to her advice just one thing I am little bit annoyed when she nags and swear it last for an hour. Nonetheless I love my mom and I learned a LOT from her.

    • Aprile M.

      My mother would go on and on too. Then when I think she finally forgot about whatever I did she would bring it up again a week later. LOL. I still love her though.

  • Giveaways 4 Mom

    My mom had a lot of saying too. Some of the ones you mentioned above were constantly drilled into my head.

  • Ashley

    My mom never had specific phrases but I’ve learned a lot through watching her actions. Actions speak louder than words I think sometimes, so I’m thankful for her example for sure.

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