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As you probably know from previous posts, I love to shop online! With being able to take my time and having a large selection to choose from, I am always able to find just what I want. is a great place to shop. It is more of a shopping tool though. You can search for whatever you are looking for and it pulls up websites that have the item you want with the price and whether or not they have it in stock right now. You have the ability to search multiple shopping website by just looking at one.

And of course, you know me…what do I search…shoes! Oh the selection. I have seen Leopard Print Pumps in some of my magazines lately, so I did a search on those.

Wild, huh? Not really my style so I searched some ladies rainboots. I am in the garden quite often and these would probably be better than the flip-flops I normally wear.

Very cute! I may have to get a pair. I have actually never owned a pair of rain boots. I don’t have a specific wardrobe for when it rains. I know…get with the times right? Living in TX, I had to search for boots. I see boots everywhere but I don’t own a single pair! The Ciao Bella Boots caught my eye.

The middle one is my favorite. I never got into the fashion of wearing the knee high boots over jeans. I am short…makes me look like an oompa loompa. But the short boots, yes, I can rock those! Are you a shoe fanatic too? What are you favorites?

I was financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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