Smart and Sexy Winnings

I won the Smart and Sexy Giveaway at Mama Loves Her Bargains Blog back in April and I just wanted to let you know about my experience and also what I won.
Mama Loves Her Bargains emailed me right away on March 11 to let me know I won. They then put me in contact with Smart and Sexy who asked for my sizes since I won $50 in merchandise from them. They sell very nice bras, panties, swimwear and sleepwear. I was not able to pick out what I wanted. The representative from Smart & Sexy told me on March 14 that their production team would hand select my prize.

That kind of threw me since undergarments are really based on personal preference but I was okay with it as long as they sent me something good! LOL

Anyway, that was 4 weeks ago and I am still waiting to receive my prize. They told me it would take 2-3 weeks for me to receive it which I think is very reasonable but could they have forgotten about me?

Update: 4/7/2011
I emailed their rep a little note asking about it just to make sure they didn’t forget.

Update: 4/12/2011
Haven’t heard back from my email I sent on 4/7, so I sent another email just checking up. This will be my last attempt at trying to contact Smart and Sexy.

Update: 4/15/2011
Received an email back from the rep letting me know he is only in the office one day a week and just received my email. He will be checking with his co-workers to see where my package is.

Update: 4/18/2011
Rep emailed me back to let me know that his original email to the product development team (the people who prepare and send out prizes) was never received. So…they will be getting my prize together this week and sent out next.

Update: 4/29/2011
Sent the rep another email asking if they sent out the package yet. I received an email back stating that they will send it out tonight and that I should receive it by next week. I am pretty tired of this…I shouldn’t have to be checking up on something that I won.

Update: 5/5/2011

I received my winnings!!! It only took a month but they finally arrived. Here the pics of what they picked out and sent me…

So…if I was able to pick out what I wanted it would not be the last 2 items…just not my style. I showed my husband the zebra print nightdress and he thought it was okay so I will be keeping it. But the Rose bra? I will be giving it to a friend…hopefully she doesn’t wear it with a white t-shirt. LOL


7 comments to Smart and Sexy Winnings

  • Donna

    I must confess…I love the rose bra 😀

    Stopping by to thank you for hoping aboard the Tuesday Train!! See you again next week!

  • Kristy

    Congratulations on your winnings! Too bad you had to do a little bit of extra work for them. The rose bra IS very bright!

  • The Steady Hand

    Donna – Thanks for stopping by! I have to admit, the more I look at the Rose Bra the more I like it. I just wish they sent me matching bottoms for it like they did with the black set.

  • The Steady Hand

    Kristy – Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is quite bright…lol

  • The Steady Hand

    Sarah – Yes, I got my prize but I don’t see the logic in having a giveaway where the winner doesn’t get to pick what they win. I understand that what I am getting is still free but giveaways are supposed to get your company good PR. How do you do that when you send someone stuff they don’t even want? Don’t get me wrong, I am glad to win and I appreciate what I received. I just don’t think it was well thought out.

  • Sarah "Finding Charm"

    Giveaways are supposed to encourage repeat business. They showed how their customer service really works. To me that was a waste of a giveaway on their part. But good on yours since you got your prize.

  • Smart and Sexy has redeemed themselvesThe Steady Hand

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