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Last month, I won the KdBuggie 1,000 Follower Appreciation Giveaway. I was very excited as this was something I really wanted to win. I am not required to do any reviews or promote their businesses in any way. This is my way of sharing what I won and also giving thanks to the Sponsors for their great gifts.

These 2 clips were donated by The Bitsy Beau. They are constructed very well, my daughter tried to pick the clips apart and was not able to. I am not afraid to leave these clips in her hair for fear she will take it apart.

The next 2 bows were donated by Curly Girly Bow-Tique. The first came is a clip with a headband and the 2nd is a Korker bow clip. The first clip and headband are great and fit my daughters head really well. The Korker clip is just a fun toy for my daughter. LOL. She loves to play with the ribbon but she doesn’t like to wear it in her hair. She is not quite used to bows yet so I think the Korker may be a little heavier than what she is used to.

The next item is my absolute favorite!!! This is a Cupcake print reversible Art Smock/Apron from The Little Girls’ Garden. This is so well made that I was just amazed when I got it. The workmanship put into it is stunning. The seams are all straight and very tight, my daughter checked. They have items for boys and girls and for $24 I think these Art Smocks are a deal!

The last two items here are from the Little Hatchlings. The first item {left} is a gorgeous vintage-style headband {infant- child}. The 3 beautiful flowers are attached to a 1.5″ elastic lace headband! The second item {right} is a darling jade colored fabric flower on a 1/2″ elastic lace headband. Abby would only let me try so many things in her hair so the one on the left I think we are going to wait until Easter to get a pic of her wearing. She did wear the one on the right though. They are both very beautiful but as you can see from the 2nd picture the ribbon flower that Abby is wearing is fraying quite a bit. It would not be something that I could leave on her as I am afraid she would pull it off and pretty much rip the flower to shreds.

So many great products!!! I love them all. My daughter and I would like to say a big Thank you to all the sponsors that donated items to the KdBuggie 1,000 Follower Appreciation Giveaway. More of their information is below.
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