Super Busy Friday

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Woke up around 7:30 AM ready to start my day. Our garage sale was set to start at 10 AM and I was excited to get everything set up and to start getting rid of all my unnecessary items that I have been accumulating. Opened garage doors around 8 AM to start setting up and what do you know? People started coming by already! By 11 AM I had sold most of my items and felt like it was closing time. But I held strong and stayed out there (in the heat) until 3:30. At the end I was telling myself no way am I doing this again tomorrow, I was so drained and yet an hour ago hubby tells me yes we are doing again tomorrow. Somehow he managed to find more stuff to sell in the attic, closets and the shed out back. How….how exactly do we have this much stuff that we can just find things that we don’t need? I hope we get a good turn out tomorrow again.

Last night was a late night since hubby got home from the airport around midnight. We stayed up talking about our weeks and hubby surprised me with a belated Valentine gift.

A Nookcolor Ebook Tablet!!! I am so excited!!! This thing is awesome and he got me a beautiful green case to go with it.

Yes I love him and he certainly knows me well. Of all gifts to get me for Valentine’s Day this would be my favorite. I love to read and have a 5-year-old Sony eReader that has seen better days. Plus the Nook Color has WiFi, ability to download apps, play music, check email, have contacts, etc. It is just like my phone but with a built-in reader. It also has this cool feature where you can download special books that include audio so they read to you! I think this will be great to use with my daughter also as she loves to read as well. I will have to download some Sesame Street books to it now.
I have yet to really play around with it as the day has just flown by and at some point I do need to sleep but I can’t wait to mess around with it and see all the features in action. Maybe one day I will get a book on there and read it too! LOL

I finished all the pieces to my crochet tote last night and will start sewing it all together now.

I also wanted to share some links to 2 Etsy treasuries that my items were featured in. I am very excited about this as this is the first time I have been featured in any Treasury it was great to find out I was on 2!
Adult Visor Beanie was featured in the WAB team Ready for battle treasury.
Pink Chenille Twirly Flirty Scarf is featured in the RING AROUND THE ROSIE Treasury.

Thank you much and hope you all have a great weekend! Will catch up with you tomorrow!

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  • Carolyn

    Good for you, we are going to have our first garage sale this spring. I am dreading it but dh is all for it. LOL

  • Carolee Sperry

    Garage sale…I'm jealous!

    The wind is blowing mad crazy and it's snowing here in Central New York!

    I tried to have a lawn sale last year and I swear it rained everyday I had set for the thing. We tried leaving stuff out covered with tarps.

    The tarps weren't enough- some stuff still managed to get wet.

    I'm itching to get (I think) a Dell Streak- it works with my AT & T card…can use it as a phone, a reader, get on the Internet and go to social networks, email and I can even blog from it which was too cumbersome with my Blackberry- not enough screen space. I have to wait until it's time to upgrade. I think that's a month or so.

    I'll be "working at camp" this summer with that!

    I have a few blogs:

    Come on home – Mom blog

    Blogging Biz Mom

    While there, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter

  • amazey

    @Carolee Sperry
    I am following your blogs. It is never fun to do anything while it is raining. I am lucky that in Fort Worth, TX we are having some nice weather right now! Hope it warms up for you soon!

  • amazey

    Oh that is funny. My husband maybe spent 1 hour max out there with me. He doesn't like to mingle much and we had so much traffic that he preferred to stay inside watching our daughter.

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