Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

This past Thursday my daughter had a Thanksgiving Feast at preschool. All the parents volunteered to bring items for a huge potluck. I was feeling very good the day I signed up (or crazy) because I volunteered to make these cute little Turkey Treats I saw in the Brookshires Grocery Store magazine. Incidentally, the only reason why I picked it up was because we were thinking or ordering Thanksgiving Dinner from the deli at Brookshires…see how much we like to cook. Now if I had known that my husband would not have been home this week I probably would not have volunteered to make these. He is the baking, cooking, decorating, whatever in the kitchen guru and he loves this sort of stuff. Just my luck…he did travel this week.

All right so if you follow me you know that I do not cook much less bake or decorate. I took pictures of this whole process to show you that I may yet have some talent in the kitchen. Here is what it looked like in the Brookshires magazine.

Here are all the supplies I bought ready to go. The Milk Duds weren’t necessary. The first time I went to the store I accidentally bought those instead of the Whoppers. Whoops.

Doing some prep work here…unwrapping the Reese’s was time consuming. Those suckers melt very easily. I sorted through the candy corn separating out the broken pieces and cutting the tips off for the turkey’s nose.

This was by far the worse part of the whole process. When you stick the candy corns into the oreos it makes the cookies separate which can cause the cookies to break or fall apart. I used a lot of icing to put the cookies that did fall apart back together. I even had some of the candy corn tips break off in the cookie.

Here is one little guy all put together with no decorations on it. The mini reese’s have a little bit cut off so that it sits flat. That is what hold the two cookies together and keeps the back cookie upright. The whopper just sits right on top. Doesn’t look much like a turkey yet.

This was my test run. The eyes are not supposed to be green and the legs look more like goo but the concept is there.

TA-DA!!!! My army of Turkey Treats. I made a total of 29 turkeys. There are more than 50 people attending the Thanksgiving Feast but if I make any more I will go nuts. There will be 20 different desserts so I am not worried about people not getting their sugar. I may even get mad if someone actually eats one of these…just kidding. So what do you think? What crazy candy and baking stuff have you made for the holidays?

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  • Erin Elise

    can I just restate how freakin’ awesome you did?!!??!?!?!?! If you were that kind of person I would totally give you a huge hug right now (c: Instead just a humongous pat on the back!!!! I don’t think I would have made it through those turkeys. you are awesome

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