The Event Canceled? Maybe just for NBC

I don’t watch a lot of TV, just a couple shows here and there. My favorite shows that I never miss an episode are: House, Criminal Minds and The Event. Of course, earlier this week I learned that NBC canceled The Event which just made me very frustrated.

I don’t know what these Networks are thinking or doing. They release a new show, play a couple episodes then the show goes on breaks for weeks at a time. How are they supposed to get the ratings or viewer count that they want when they can’t even air a show without any breaks? It really irritates me since the same thing was done to Flash Forward. Although, I do think The Event had by far a better storyline and characters. What is the purpose of bringing on a new show only to cancel it after the first season? The viewers are left hanging with no ending in sight.

You can read more about The Event being canceled at Associated Content, ‘The Event’ Canceled by NBC, ‘Law & Order: LA’ Too.

BUT, for my fellow fans, I have heard a rumor….another network may be taking over the show!!! Just reading the articles makes me excited! You can read more about this at the links below:

UPDATE: NBC Cancels ‘The Event’, Talks Underway to Continue The Show Elsewhere

Netflix May Save Cancelled NBC Show ‘The Event’: RUMOR

I can’t wait to find out whether or not the show continues…what the alien’s true history is with the humans…why if the aliens were on Earth first, why did they leave…are they going to release the bioagent? Someone answer my questions!!!


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  • Mona

    I feel your pain. I was… and still am, upset that my soap “As the World Turns” was cancelled. I really loved that soap.
    ~ Mona

    • The Steady Hand

      Mona – Thanks for stopping by. I don’t know what is going on with these television networks but it is no surprise their ratings are down when they keep canceling our shows!

  • Kristy

    I never watched The Event but I know what you mean…it is hard even for a devoted fan to keep watching if you’re never quite sure what weeks it will be on. 🙁

  • Kristy

    I agree, except make that knitting for me! I need to learn crochet…



  • Sarah "Finding Charm"

    I watch the Event. It was a huge ratings savior for NBC, and then again, like Flash Forward which I watched, they takes months off. I don’t get it either. I hope before they cancel shows they’re looking at online viewership as well. That’s where I watch it. I almost forgot about the Event it was off for so long.

    • The Steady Hand

      I watched Flash Forward too. I really liked The Event more. I just watched the Season Finale. I will be pretty bummed if it doesn’t return. I am still hoping Netflix picks it up.

  • Shane

    I have sent countless emails to every pertinent email address I could find for NBC. I have tried not to come off as an obsessed All correspondence has been professional. I agree that The Event was one of the best shows of all time. Admittedly, I am a science fiction fan. I too watch very little television. In fact since I gave up network television a few years ago, The Event was the only programming I made sure to watch regularly. It is unfortunate that networks continue to cancel the best shows in favor of those that pander to the less intelligent among us.

    • The Steady Hand

      So you are not a reality TV show fan I am guessing? LOL. I like my shows to be full of suspense, drama and drastic turns. Since The Event has been canceled, I haven’t watched much of anything on TV either. I hope your emails get thru to someone! Thanks.

  • VHP

    NO!!! they thy did the same with Flash forward , why do television networks insist on putting stupid shows and canceling the one with really good plot and a science fiction almost possible base?1

  • Dan

    I might be late on the shocking fact that The Event was cancelled after Season 1, but still…
    A weeek ago a coworker mentioned the show to me, and told me I might like it.
    So I start watching on Netflix, and bam! Hooked!!!
    took me about a week to finish the Season due to work/school, but I made sure to make time for it. Sadly after watching the last episode “The Arrival” I noticed that there were no more episodes 🙁 I researched and found that Sesaon 2 doesn’t exist… 🙁 I, like many others, don’t understand why networks release a new series and then cancel it. The Event is one of the greatest series I’ve ever watched!! I really hope “someone” makes at least a Season 2… i must know the truth!!! LOL

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