The Finishing Touches: End-Stitching

All good things come to an end – and this is even true of craft projects! Learning how to do a good end-stitch makes sure that all your hard work doesn’t fall apart somewhere down the line. As with all hand-sewing, making sure that your stitches are neat and even is important for the final polished look, but you can go about it in several different ways. Pick which one suits you best and get cracking!


Option 1

  1. Push your needle through to the reverse of the fabric, and turn it over so that this back side is facing you.
  2. With your needle, pick up the final stitch and pass your thread through until you have made a loop.
  3. Pinch the loop with one hand, and with the other, pass the needle back through the loop and pull gently until it tightens. Hold the loop straight to avoid tangling.
  4. Push your needle through the backs of a few more stitches to enclose the end of your thread, and snip off the excess.

Option 2

  1. Push your needle halfway through the fabric, so that the end is still sticking out.
  2. Wind your thread around the needle a few times
  3. Hold the wound thread with a finger to keep it in place, and finish pushing the needle through the fabric.
  4. Tighten the knot and snip any excess thread.

There’s several more ways to finish off a thread – it all depends on what you’re comfortable with, and what will give the most secure and practical yet unobtrusive finish for the fabric, thread, and project you’re working with.

To finish off with, here’s some general tips for end stitching:

  • Make sure you leave enough thread to be able to finish it off nicely. If threads are too short, you won’t be able to tie a knot or make a loop.
  • End-stitching often takes place on the reverse side of the item to make sure it doesn’t show – make sure you’re working with the correct side of your item, even if this is the “wrong” side.
  • Make sure to check that you’re not about to sew through an extra layer of fabric – either another part of your project, or your own clothes! Try laying the item out on a flat surface like a table, rather than working in your lap.
  • After you’ve completed your end-stitch, trim any loose threads, but not too closely or your knot may unravel.

~Contribution from freelance writer~

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  • This honestly sounds so interesting. I think the way you go into detail about the stitching will be really helpful for those trying to learn to perfect the craft! It sounds like another language to me lol but I can appreciate how challenging it is to sew something properly. Great post!

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