The Funny Thing About Being From Hawaii

Not sure if you know this but I am from Hawaii…born and raised!

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Being from Hawaii doesn’t make me special but when I tell people that is where I am from they kind of look at me different. They think I am special like I was raised in outer space or something. Sometimes when I tell people where I am from I get responses back that really throw me.

Is that a State?

For example, when I first moved to the states I was a sophomore in High School. I was asked to stand up at the front of the class and tell everyone a little about myself. I told them my name and said that I moved there from Hawaii. Immediately a boy in the class spoke up and asked me, “Is that a state?”. Hmmm…you would think that a Sophomore in High School would know all 50 states by now. I laughed with some of the class (Yes, some. I felt very smart that day.) and the teacher and told him that Hawaii is the 50th state.

Are you Hawaiian?

Another question I get asked a lot is if I am Hawaiian. Okay so I know that being from a state people might consider you part of that state. If you are from Texas you would be considered a Texan. In that sense, yes I would be considered a Hawaiian. But I am not a Native Hawaiian. Most people don’t realize how many Native Hawaiians are left. In 2010, less than 10% of the population of Hawaii was Native Hawaiian (info from

This last week though I was asked a question that really blew me away…

Do you know Bruno Mars?


LOL. Wow! How lucky of a lady would I be if I knew Bruno Mars? While I would love to say that I do, I can’t. I do not know Bruno Mars. Hawaii’s population when I was born was over 1 million people. Yes…that many people can fit on 8 tiny islands. We are both from Honolulu on the island of Oahu, we were born in the same year and we both have Filipino mothers but we are from completely different parts of the island. He lived in Waikiki and I am from Kalihi Valley (think of them like neighborhoods). Bruno went to Roosevelt High School and I went to Farrington High School. That is like being from 2 different worlds. I moved to the states in 2001 and Bruno left after graduating High School in 2003.

As you can tell by that little history lesson I am a fan of Bruno Mars. Mostly because he is from Hawaii and he was able to make it big. My favorite songs from him are Count On Me and Show Me. They remind me of the music I grew up with in Hawaii. If you like those songs too do a search for Three Plus (Honey Baby), Ekolu (Just One Night), Kapena (Masese) or Justin (My Eyes Adore You). I grew up with that music and still listen to them today. The music from Hawaii is the main reason why the people there are so happy (at least I think so).

That concludes our History lesson today. So tell me…have you ever been asked a silly question when you tell people where you are from?


I'd love to hear what you think!

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