The New Craft Craze: Diamond Painting

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I love to try out new crafts. Even though I am already addicted to sewing, jewelry making (just stitch markers and zipper pulls), crocheting and cross stitching I sometimes get an itch for something new and different. I came across something on Amazon that caught my eye. It is called Diamond Painting. It reminded me of cross stitching but instead of a needle and thread you use a little tool and thousands of little plastic “diamonds”. Obviously they are not real diamonds but little diamond-looking pieces of plastic. The canvas is sticky and you use your little tool to stick the diamonds onto the canvas following the color chart.

I ordered this Diamond Painting Kit that looks like the rose from Beauty and the Beast (because I love that movie). The kit is $12.99 and it says it comes with everything you need.

This is the picture of the kit I received. I was not impressed with the packaging at all. They spelled “Diamonds” wrong. I have no idea what Diamond Ancestry means.

The kit included the canvas with a protective sheet on top since it is sticky. There is a color chart right on the canvas which is helpful but makes it a requirement to use a mat if you decide to frame the finished piece.

All the diamonds you will need to complete your project. Each color is labeled and in its own sealed bag.

The diamonds are teeny-tiny!

You also get a diamond tray, diamond applicator, tweezers and some wax.

You dip the tip of your applicator into the wax and that is how the diamonds will stick to the applicator. You can choose to use the tweezers instead of the applicator. I prefer to use the applicator.

In this picture you can see the canvas close up and how the beads look on it. The canvas is very sticky and once the beads are placed it takes a lot for them to move. I don’t think it is possible for them to fall off. Some of the characters on the canvas are hard to read. I started with the characters that I could read first and then narrowed it down by what was left.

After a while it becomes repetitive and soothing. Once you get going you don’t want to stop.

Here are some of my tips if you decide to try out Diamond Painting:

1. The kit contains small items. Do not use around small children.

2. Have a dedicated work space with good lighting. I used one of the counters in my craft room but I had to lower my chair considerably or else my back and neck would hurt. Good lighting is a must. I positioned my craft light right over the canvas and beads. It wouldn’t hurt to maybe have one of those large lighted, magnifying glasses.

3. Apply one color at a time. Start with the lowest amount of diamonds first.

4. Some of the diamonds will stick to each other. Before you start applying the diamonds go through and make sure all the diamonds are separated. It is such a hassle to do it once you start applying them.

5. Take your time!

6. Children can do this craft. My nine-year-old daughter really liked it. She doesn’t put them on perfectly but from far away you really can’t tell anyway. She spent about 45 minutes working on it one night.

7. Use a tray or roll out a blanket under your workspace. If you accidentally drop 1 bag of diamonds you will thank me.

Have you tried Diamond Painting? Did you like it?

This is how much I have completed in 10 days. It is slow-going but I will finish it eventually. I will update the post with pictures once I complete the whole picture.

I'd love to hear what you think!

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