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Today I would like to share with you my newest product now available in The Steady Hand Etsy Shop. I call them my Stitch Marker/Progress Keeper Zip Around Organizers (this link will take you to the organizer section in my Etsy Shop so you can see what is available to ship right now).

This is a picture of the case when it is closed:



The outside when it is open:


The inside when it is open:


So the purpose of this case is to hold, carry and display your stitch markers and progress keepers. It works with anything that has a lobster clasp. For the markers that do not have an opening I have had customers loop them onto a key ring or safety-pin then attach those to the leather cording.

This product came about because one of my customers asked me to make her something to hold her progress keepers. We went back and forth with ideas until we decided to try the zip around idea. I made a couple and sent her some to try and well she loved it. I have made some adjustments since then using customer feedback. I love it when my customers tell me what they like or don’t like about my products. It really helps to make my products better.

Here are some pictures of the organizers in use from my customers:





This last picture is my favorite so far! She has quite the collection of stitch markers.

Check out my Stitch Marker/Progress Keepers now available. If you want a specific fabric that is not available just send me a message. I welcome custom orders. Here are the specifications for my holders:

This organizer is approximately 7″ tall. It is 4-1/2″ wide when closed and 9″ wide when open.
The outer and inner fabric are Quilting Cotton fabric. The color and design will vary.
The outer fabric and lining have been reinforced with 100% Cotton Interfacing.
Leather cording is used inside the organizer and for the zipper pull.
There is a small 100% Polyester label sewn into the seam of the organizer.
Thread is polyester.
The color of the nylon coil zipper will vary. The zipper ends are made with 100% Cotton Quilting Fabric. The color will vary.

To give the organizers a little more cushion I have started using a thicker stabilizer on the lining fabric. This makes the organizers thicker and provides more protection for your markers and keepers. Not all of the organizers available in my shop have the thicker stabilizer as they were made prior to this update so please read the description or just let me know if you have any questions.

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