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If you have hair on your head then you probably end up with hair in the sink. Why do we always wait until the sink no longer drains before we even try to clean up all the hair stuck in the drain? First world problems!!!

I have tried using those plastic hook things to clean out my drains. They irritate me though because half the time I get them stuck somehow and one time I had the tip break off in the drain pipe. My husband was not too happy about that. He had to take apart the drain pipe to get that little piece of plastic out of there. I don’t like putting chemicals down my drains because we have a STEP Septic System in our community and they tell us not to do that. I would like to find an easier way to keep my hair out of my drains.

Solution…The Stopper Buddy.

The Stopper Buddy was created by a Sewer and Drain cleaning Plumber. It is a dirt and soap scum filter system that catches and collects 99% of all waste from clogging your drain pipes. The stopper comes with a 30 day guarantee.

The stopper buddy is a “Patented” new drain basket hair catch filter technology. Just remove your bathroom sink stopper then drop in the pop up stopper filter basket. It is fully adjustable for the best retro fit in your bathroom sink.

The hair filter basket fits a majority of drains and can be adjusted to fit bathroom sink pop up stoppers in length from 3″ to 4.75″ and fit sink drain openings of 1.25″ to 1.50″.

When you notice your water not draining properly or hair stuck to the filter simply pull the stopper buddy, out unscrew the drain basket, clean the parts and then just drop back into your drain.

Watch the video above for more information and how to install The Stopper Buddy.

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