Trying to keep up

I am falling behind on my blog posts. Things are getting a little hectic and crazy over here!

Be sure to check my Facebook page The Steady Hand as there is always a lot going on over there. My 500 Fan Giveaway ends tonight. I am also in, I think, 2 other giveaways that will be ending soon!

I have created a list of topics that I want to blog about – yes, I am that organized. I know crazy! If I don’t have lists I start to get a little loopy.

I encountered some issues with the blanket I am working up. The amount of yarn needed and the size were the issue but I have fixed it now and am halfway done! I can’t wait to finish! This blanket is very heavy since it is so thick but soft all at the same time. The shell design is really nice. I will post some pics once it is all done.

I will hopefully be able to tackle my list soon. I am very excited with my upcoming posts and to tell you all what I have been up to this last week.

This weekend, me and the family just hung around the house and relaxed a bit. It was nice having daddy home and knowing he wasn’t flying out again at least for a couple of weeks. Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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