Unique Ideas For Movie-Inspired Crochet Projects

Knitting and crochet are more popular than every – 28.8 million Americans spent time on this amazing craft last year. Crochet is often used to make clothing and cushion covers, but how about creating something completely different, inspired by films. You should be careful about infringing the copyright laws if you are creating identical looking movie characters to sell, however, there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from films. Here are some unique ideas to create your own crochet characters, based on movies.


Your own superheroes

This summer saw the release of the Incredibles 2 movie, featuring The Parrs. On the surface, they seem to be just an ordinary family, Mom, Dad and their three children. However, they are superheroes that save the world, using their unique special powers. Mom, Helen becomes Elastigirl, with stretchy limbs. Dad, Bob has super strength. How about taking inspiration from these characters and creating your own versions of incredible superheroes? Using large yarn, for arms and legs is a great way of showing that your own crochet characters have super strength. Extending the arms to twice the size of a normal crocheted doll will give it a stretchy and fun look. You could even give them a back story! 

Crochet movie posters

We can create movie posters with pens and paint, and we can certainly recreate them with crochet. A great crochet version of the iconic movie poster from “Fargo” has been found on several Pinterest boards recently. How about having a go at making your own movie inspired crochet posters? Pick films with bright images. If you are a beginner, “Kill Bill” has a very simple yellow and black color scheme. Or use textures and chunky stitching to have a go at creating a picture inspired the amazing hot air balloon from the movie “Up.”  

The Oddsockeaters

The Oddsockeaters is a 2016 fantasy animation featuring, a cast of wonderfully colorful creatures that are responsible for finding those missing socks and returning them to their rightful place. They are the perfect opportunity for you to practice your chunky knit techniques. Have a go at creating your own Oddsockeater inspired characters with bright colors and wide mouths – you can even make some small socks to go in those mouths. These are the type of fun toys that small children will delight it.

You can have so much fun creating your own crochet projects inspired by the movies. It is a great opportunity to try out new techniques, and make something completely different from a scarf or a sweater.

~Contribution from freelance writer~

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