Up-cycle your Old CDs and DVDs

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How often do you listen to a CD once you’ve ripped the tracks to your computer, or watch every one of your DVDs over and over again? CDs and DVDs are gradually being replaced more and more by digital formatting through official apps and downloads. So if you’ve been thinking of having a clear out of your old CDs and DVDs, but you’re not sure what to do with them, there are a few fun and fresh ideas to up-cycle and cash in on your discs:

Tricks of the trade:

You don’t need to be particularly good to enjoy making crafts by yourself or with your kids, just grab your CDs and DVDs and have a go!

1.) Stick two CDs or DVDs together to make several double-sided discs, shiny side out. Then tie them at different lengths with string looped through the hole to broken twigs. Hang it up to make a dazzling garden wind chime decoration.

2.) The backs of CDs and DVDs are an iridescent rainbow, which can be accumulated with others of similar colours to make a beautiful bit of wall art when stuck together in the shape of a butterfly or bird, livening up any living space!

3.) If you’re good at knitting and crochet, stick discs together so only the edges touch, and create a pattern around them for vibrant place mats and matching coasters.

Disc cover art can be striking too, and you can even print any picture you like and stick it onto the disc. Other ideas include turning CDs and DVDs into clocks, an iPhone dock or lamp stand when stacked and stuck together, or they even make a good base for gift bags and woolen pom-poms. There’s no limit to your creativity!

Why not make this into your latest craft hobby, and share your new-found talent on Etsy. Eclectic individuals will happily pay for eye-catching, original and bespoke creations, such as funky jewellery made from colorful broken discs.

Spin gold:

Alternatively, if you would just rather simply make a bit of extra money, then think about how to sell stuff for cash instead. MusicMagpie will swap your unwanted CDs and DVDs in exchange for a fair and good value price. This quick and straightforward option is much easier than trying time and time again to bulk-sell them unsuccessfully anywhere else online. You’ll securely receive your payment once you’ve sent off the discs, making a tidy sum as you tidy up!

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