Valentine’s Day Cake Pops

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you all have a wonderful day.

For my daughter’s Valentine’s Day party at her school we decided to make some cake pops. Last Black Friday, I picked up a BabyCakes Cake Pop cooker at Kohl’s for a great price. You know me…I don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I did all this by myself with the help of my daughter of course so I am going to brag a bit.

I baked the cake pops the night before. The cake pop baker will make 12 cake pops at a time. I used Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Strawberry Supreme Cake Mix.

I didn’t use enough batter on my first batch so they weren’t complete balls. What you see in the picture above is the bottom of the balls. The 2nd batch came out a lot better. With the one box of cake mix, I was able to make 60 cake pops and still have some batter left over.

I let the cake pops sit overnight and the next day we did the decorating! Here are all the goodies I gathered.

My daughter was very excited. I let her pick out the sprinkles she wanted and put them in a bowl. I smeared some icing on the cake pops and let her dip them in the sprinkles. Little sneak was eating the sprinkles the whole time!

So they aren’t very cutesy and professional looking but we had a blast and they sure are yummy! I did put some sticks in some of them for the kids in her class. Most I just left as is since they are the perfect size to just pop in your mouth. All her Valentine’s ready to go!

This was the first time we used the Cake Pop baker and I think it worked really well. My husband will probably make some crazy cake pops next time and I will be sure to take some pictures to share with you. (He loves to bake!)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh and I would love to hear what special things you received or did today. Please share!

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