Vinyl Decal Application Instructions Free Printable

I have started selling Vinyl Decals in my Etsy Shop and on my website. Don’t worry I am not going in the custom-vinyl-everything direction. These are decals that I made for myself and decided to put them up for sale. You can find them in the Fun Stuff section in The Steady Hand Etsy Shop and the Fun Stuff Collection on The Steady Hand Shop website.

While I was creating the listings and packaging for my decals I ran into a problem. I wanted to include an easy-to-follow instruction sheet. I wanted something simple and straight-forward. I did some searching online and I really didn’t want to pay for a PDF so I created my own. Just in case anyone else is searching for a Free Vinyl Decal Application Instruction Sheet I thought I would share it on my blog. You can print this out on sheet of paper or card-stock and cut it in half.

Download the Free PDF here: Vinyl Decal Application Instructions

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