Guest Post: Watching the Emmy’s

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Post contributed by Amanda Alvarez

I feel that every couch potato out there should take the time every year to sit down in front of their Cable TV packages with HD and watch the Emmy’s. I like to watch a lot of the award ceremonies on TV every year, but I have to say that my all time favorite is the Emmy’s. I watch a lot of the other award ceremonies to see the outfits the celebrities wear on the red carpet, but when it comes to the! Emmy’s, I watch them for the actual categories and the awards given. I am a huge TV lover, so getting to see which shows and which television actors get recognized for their talent is a thrill for me.

I have a few friends that always bring over food, drinks, and plenty of personal comments every year so we can sit around and see who gets what. I find that on the Emmy’s, there are not many wild and much talked about outfits, but I don’t mind that since what is most important are the categories and who will win for best sitcom, talk show, and soap opera. Being a stay at home mom who spends a lot of her day with the TV on to these kind of shows, I actually recognize the stars, the shows, and can have a personal opinion on who should win what. I think that is why I love to watch them so much more over the rest.

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