We are covered in the white stuff today!

Waking up to a couple inches of snow is great! Realizing that you can’t leave the house…bummer. It looks beautiful out there and it is still coming down very lightly though. Everything is closed so even if we were able to go out it would be pointless. We are still under a winter storm watch until noon today since the snow continues to fall. With the ice under the snow…it makes the roads pretty much unable to be driven on until everything melts and who knows when that will be??? Ahh, I am going stir crazy. It is not like I need to get out of the house but the fact that I can’t that is bothering me.
Yesterday we went to Brookshire’s to grab some groceries since we knew the snow was coming and we were pretty much running on empty. Abby did some shopping of her own too!

I love that Brookshire’s has these little mini carts! Abby loves them…pretty much the only reason why we shop here. They are doing some renovations now so it was a mess in there. Hopefully they will be done soon!
I am hoping to get finished on a hat that I started and once I do…will be posting some pics. Stay tuned!

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