Wear stylish heels without the noise!

I love to wear heels but I hate the noise that they make! I have finally found a store that sells nothing but quiet heels. Check out Ssh-oes!

The picture above is showing their Spring 2103 Line of Ssh-oes. All the shoes they sell are stylish, comfortable and do not make that annoying click-y noise when you walk. The ssh-oes have a non-slip, sound absorbing rubber outsole and a patent pending noise reducing heel lift so, they do not make as much noise when you walk.

Their shoes are also not that expensive. You can get a pair of Ssh-oes for as low as $49. Be sure to check out their Sale Page as there are shoes on their for half off ( I saw a pair for only $34).

I have added these pairs of shoes to my wishlist!

What are your favorites from Ssh-oes?



I'd love to hear what you think!

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