Why is it Thursday already?

My week has flew by but at least I feel I have accomplished some things..

Tuesday, Wednesday and today I have been working in the backyard, cleaning up my beds and turning the mulch. I was able to plant some Summer bulbs that my husband bought this morning so they should start blooming come May or June.

Abby’s grand-parents are flying in today from MI. Their flight was supposed to come in this morning but it was canceled due to weather so now they will be getting here this afternoon. We lost half a day! 🙁 They will be staying until Monday morning so if you don’t see many very blog posts, that is why. We have a list of things to do while they are here that will be fun for them and Abby. Zoo, park, botanical gardens…can’t wait. The weather is so nice that I am sure they would love to spend their time here outdoors since it is still snowing for them back home.

I have been crocheting a wrap this past week as well. I hope to get it done tonight and I will post pictures. It has been going slow since I have been cleaning house and what not preparing for the grandparents arrival!

Well, Spring Break is coming up soon! What are your plans for spring break?

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