Wiivv…because I am tired of my feet hurting

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Don’t worry this post is not a rant about how “I am so tired and my feet hurt” even though that is very true for me and most of you out there reading this. Instead this post is about how “I am so tired but glad that my feet no longer hurt. They actually feel great and I want to tell you all why”!

Since 2009 (the year my daughter was born) my feet hurt. I know it probably has nothing to do with me having my daughter or getting older. What can I say? I blame it all on my shoes. Back then I bought my shoes based on how cute they were and how good they made me look. Now I have a love/hate relationship with anything that touches my feet. I have spent years and more money than I want to think about trying to find insoles, shoes and sandals that are comfortable to wear and won’t leave me regretting walking thousands of steps the previous day. I am trying to be healthy here but when it comes to my feet not hurting or reaching my 10,000 steps-a-day goal, guess which one I pick.

I need support. I want comfort. I want my shoes to look cute. No compromises. No wasting money or time. Thank you Wiivv!

How does this sound? Instead of trying all the comfortable sandals and insoles out there you get a pair of insoles or sandals custom-made for you. You don’t have to go to a specialty shoe store. No consulting or measurement fee. Take a couple of pictures with your phone, pick out some colors and get your custom insoles or sandals within 10 days. Almost sounds too good or easy to be true but bear with me here when I tell you this actually does exist. Your feet are starting to get excited!

Wiivv makes custom-fit 3D printed insoles and sandals. The ordering process is easier than registering your kids for school and quicker than back-to-school shopping. Place your order on their website, download their app and take pictures of your feet. Before you know it you will be opening the same type of package that I received pictured below.

Insoles never looked so good! I think it is so cool that the insoles have your name on them. My favorite picture is the last one. That right there is a picture of beauty. See how that insole doesn’t sit flat. It has the perfect arch (for me) and my feet have never been happier.

I have been using my Wiivv insoles for the last 2 weeks. For the last 6 days I have surpassed my 10,000 steps-a-day goal and not regretted it the next day after.

Insoles are kind of tricky. You never know what shoes they will fit in. I tried my Wiivv insoles in all the shoes I own. Check it out below:

I think I covered all the bases. Flats, walking shoes and running shoes. I did try them in my casual boots, hiking boots and rain boots as well and they fit but I couldn’t get good pictures of them. The more I walked on my Wiivv insoles the better they seemed to conform to my feet. I know that they are perfect for my feet because when I take my shoes off at night and walk around on my hardwood floors my feet start yelling “No!”.

I also ordered a pair of Wiivv sandals which have yet to arrive but once they do I will be back to let you know if they are as good as the insoles. After this experience, I definitely wanted to try out their new custom sandals they were so popular that they’re currently sold out!

Feel free to leave comments below about your “Tired of my feet hurting” journey. Share with me what products you have tried. Familiar with Wiivv? Tell me how you like them!

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