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Note: I am no longer a Willow Yarns Affiliate so all links on this post have been removed.

Hi there! I was accepted into the Willow Yarns Affiliate program. I thought this would be a good time to let you know why I join affiliate programs, what this means for you and tell you a little about Willow Yarns and their products.

Why I Join Affiliate Programs
I join affiliate programs to help me earn money. I use that money to pay for my domain (www.thesteadyhandblog.com) and also for my hosting which is through Media Temple. I join affiliate programs that I feel match my content, are of brands that I like and I hope you will be interested in.

What This Means For You
Please look at the top of this post. Do you see the disclosure in Italics? That disclosure lets you know that there are affiliate links in this post. When you click on those links AND purchase something I may get a small percentage of your order or a set amount. No one but the website you buy from sees any of your personal information. This does not cost you anything.

Every affiliate program is different and while my earnings do not completely cover the fees to keep this blog running they help a lot. If you have any questions about affiliate programs or the links on my blog please send me an email at aprile@thesteadyhandblog.com.


I wanted to become a Willow Yarns affiliate when I found out that they are owned by Herrschners, Inc.. I have received the Herrschners Catalog for most of my adult life. They carry supplies for all of my favorite crafts including crochet, puzzles, cross-stitch, plastic canvas and more.

Willow Yarns is Herrschners brand of yarn. They carry yarns in every weight from Lace to Super Bulky and Ribbon Yarn. They carry a variety of fiber including acrylic, bamboo, cotton, nylon, polyester and wool.

On top of their gorgeous yarn you can also find Free Patterns, Kits, Books, Accessories and more. Check out Willow Yarns and let me know what your favorite items are or which products you want to learn more about.

I'd love to hear what you think!

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