WP Plugins that I use – Part 1

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Onto the Plugins! I am so excited about this post since I think the WP Plugins are so great. Those of you who have been using WP already, probably think I am nuts, but that is okay…so does my husband.

Here is the list of the Plugins I use and what they do. To get any of these on your WP blog, go to Plugins, Add New and search for them by name.

1. Advertisement Management: Pretty sure I learned about this one from Simply Stacie. This plugin allows you to control all of your blog advertisements in one area. Once it is installed and activated, you can get to it from Settings Tab. It allows you to enter your ads anywhere on your page (not in your widgets). I use it to put ads after my posts and at the bottom of each page.

2. Akismet: Protect your blog from comment and trackback spam.

3. And the Winner is: Once this plugin is installed and activated you will see it as an option when you create a new post. It will ask you if the post is a contest, if it is just select yes and how many winners are possible. When the contest is over, it will randomly select your winners from the comments to that post.

4. Broken Link Checker: Checks for broken links and missing images. It will alert you on your dashboard if it finds any so you can edit or delete them.

5. Clean Notifications: Make e-mail notifications for new comments/pings cleaner and more readable. No configuration necessary.

6. CommentLuv: This Plugin shows a link to the last post from the commenter’s blog when they leave a comment.

7. Comment Reply Notification: Allows you to reply to comments made on your posts and it automatically sends the person who made the comment an email letting them know. This will allow the users to follow up the comment and expand the conversation if desired.

8. Contact Form 7: A contact form plugin. I am using this on my Contact Me page. It will send me an email whenever someone fills out and submits the form.

9. Google Analytics for WordPress: Makes it simple to add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog.

10. Google XML Sitemaps: This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com to better index your blog.

Those are the first 10…stay tuned for Part 2 to see what other Plugins I use. Let me know if you use these plugins too! What do you think of them? Have you had any problems or issues? What are some of your other favorite WP plugins?

9 comments to WP Plugins that I use – Part 1

  • Jenni and Jody

    Great suggestions! We’re new to WP and still learning the ropes. This is really helpful. Quick technical question…are plug-ins the same as widgets? If not, what’s the difference? Thanks again.

    • The Steady Hand

      I am glad to be of help. On WP, Plugins are not the same as widgets but plugins can be used as widgets, if that makes any sense. Widgets are what you add to your sidebar. Plugins are downloaded and installed in your WP dashboard. Depending on what the plugin does it can show up as a widget like my Social Networks Links on my sidebar or like Clean Notifications once it is installed it works behind the scenes. Broken Link Checker shows up in my settings tab and tells me what links in my blog are broken. I know it is quite confusing so if you have any more questions just let me know. WP only comes with standard widgets so to get more you have to download plugins that are widgets.

  • Kristy

    These sound pretty amazing. I am not planning to move from Blogger to WP right now, but I have my eyes and ears open to you ladies’ experiences. Thanks!

  • Aprile Mazey

    Thanks for stopping by Kristy! Have a great day!

  • MusingMom6

    I have my page of plugin favorites live. I didn’t add the analytics or site maps yet I’m still learning on those.

    There are one or two here I’ve not tried, but may have to look into, tho.

    I’m looking forward to the full release of the new Comment Luv. The current version does not work for me. I have the Pre-realease version and Love It!

    • The Steady Hand

      MusingMom – I am still finding new plugins every now and then. There are so many, it just takes a lot of time to go through and figure out which ones you actually need.

  • Stacie

    We use a few of the same ones! I think I want to get that Broken Link Checker on mine. Lots of people seem to like it.

    • The Steady Hand

      It does a great job of finding broken urls. When I first installed mine, it found over 200 from past posts. I like how it gives me the ability to unlink, delete or change the links from right there in the dashboard.

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