Yes, my name is Aprile

Like the title states, my name is Aprile. It is spelled A-P-R-I-L-E. That E on the end there, yes it does belong there. My mother once told me when I asked her why my name was spelled so weird is because she didn’t want it spelled the same as the month. Well, it didn’t make much sense to me then and still doesn’t now.

I just think it is funny how when I enter my name the way it is supposed to be spelled – people respond back changing it to “April” almost assuming that I misspelled my own name. I don’t blame them! The way my name is spelled is just strange.

It is pronounced just like the month. But I sometimes get the people that try to pronounce it the way it is spelled. A-PRILE  – the second syllable sounding like the “i” in dial. Yeah, that doesn’t sound very good now does it?

I guess it doesn’t help that I was also born in April…

Do you have a funky name too? Or is it spelled a little differently? Comment below and share the weirdness!

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