Yes or No – Wearing Shoes in the House

How does something as tiny as shoes cause such a problem? I prefer NOT to have people wear shoes in my house. It isn’t a rule and I don’t have a sign or anything but if someone asks if they should take of their shoes I say YES.

When I go over to someone’s house, whether they ask me to or not, I will remove my shoes at the front door. It is out of respect for them and their home. My daughter has been raised to do the same thing. Wherever she goes, even if it is to school, she will remove her shoes. I think for her it is more of a comfort thing.

Now my husband on the other hand…will wear his shoes everywhere. From the moment he gets dressed in the morning until he goes to bed, his shoes are on. How is that comfortable? I told him that I do not like him wearing his shoes in the house but that doesn’t go very far. The only fight I have won is that he will not wear his shoes upstairs…ever. No one gets to wear their shoes upstairs…unless you want to clean the carpet on the stairs for me.

Shoes track dirt everywhere! That is why I don’t see any reason why you should wear your shoes in the house (well, at least my house). Yes, I am that much of a clean freak. It didn’t get this bad until after my daughter. Kids are on the floor all the time. Touching it, dropping stuff on it, etc. Especially based on the fact that most of the floors in my house are light-colored so that they show even the smallest amount of dirt. Don’t get me started on carpet stains!

Anyway, enough of my rant. You know my position on this. My husband doesn’t agree but I think that is based on how he was raised. His family doesn’t take their shoes off in their houses either (not that there is anything wrong with that). I was always raised to do this and yes I wear house slippers (took that after my mom too). What is your stance on this? Do you have one or do you not really care?

I know I might be an extremist when it comes to keeping things clean but as long as it doesn’t get dirty…then I don’t have to clean it!

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  • Erin Elise

    anything goes in my house, as you know, but I still rent. Things may change whenever that proud moment of becoming a homeowner occurs….I think it probably won’t, but you never know (c:

    dang clean freak, grumble grumble (you know I’m just kidding and am completely jealous of your clean trait)

  • Gena

    I HATE it when people wear shoes in my house. Mainly because my boys are on the floor all day long. But unfortunately, my parents have bad feet and have to wear shoes in the house and often times they’re the same ones they wore outside. I just have to grin and bear it, and make sure to vacuum and steam mop when they leave. :/

    • The Steady Hand

      I am with you Gena! I will normally ask folks to take their shoes off when they come into my house but I can’t get my husband to take off his shoes ever. I even bought him some house slippers and he only wears them at night. Thank goodness for the steam mop!

  • CrochetBlogger

    I don’t mind when people wear shoes in my house. It’s a hardwood floor anyway, so it just means sweeping as needed, rather than actually having to vacuum. I do try to remember to ask when I go to someone else’s house, though, and I think it’s great that you’re teaching your daughter to do the same thing!

  • NW Homesteader

    I am a no shoes person myself. We don’t wear shoes but keep slippers by the door to switch out our shoes for once we come inside. I do insist that others take their shoes off as well. Like your daughter mine take their off and unless their floors are scary.

  • Matthew C

    Well done for standing your ground on shoes upstairs. Having a no-shoes rule makes so much sense. As for hardwood floors, they can get scratched and as messed up as carpets.

    I have an whole blog on this subject: Shoes Off at the Door, Please You might like to take a look.

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